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Samsung is comparing its Galaxy S21 Ultra with Apple's iPhone 12 Pro Max

(Topic created on: 05-24-2021 10:19 PM)
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Samsung is back at it by roasting Apple's iPhones. This time, the company has released ads that compare its Galaxy S21 Ultra and the iPhone 12 Pro Max for their camera capabilities. In all videos, it is pointed out that the iPhone 12 Pro Max is not as good as the Galaxy S21 Ultra in performing certain camera functions.


In the first video titled "Space Zoom", it shows that two devices are used to take a picture of the moon in total darkness and the Galaxy S21 Ultra wins thanks to its 100x digital zoom feature. Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 Pro Max can only zoom in at its max 12x ability. After that, Samsung continues with two videos titled "108MP" and "Single Shot". The former emphasizes the details that the Galaxy S21 Ultra can handle when zooming in while the latter focuses on the Samsung device's capability of taking a clear picture from a video.