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Samsung S24 Titanium Black Pre-order Super Delay

(Topic created on: 02-24-2024 05:18 PM)
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Galaxy S

I pre-ordered the 512 titanium black unit. Feb 14 was the release date provided by SES @ SM Aura. Until as of Feb 23, no update.

My frustration is mostly on why can't they say that straight up? I told them I'm flying out of the country na... napadaan lang ako sa SM nun then got swayed by the sales rep to change my phone na since what I'm using is no longer cutting it in terms of my daily usage. Tapos nataon pa sa store may nagclaim na ng unit nila na napaaga. So the sales rep made a case about it. They told me that might happen to my order too. I thought I've got all the time anyway and I deserve this upgrade after 4 years, so I said 'lezgo'. Only paid for the 3k fee. In hindsight, buti di ako nag pay ng half agad.

I was at a very dark point all through this waiting game that I'm already thinking of storming the store and then making a scene then after, just cancel this hot mess. 

But good thing, I've persevered...

I dropped by yesterday (Feb 24,2024) at SM Aura SES and they've got my phone. They told me that they were about to call me so it was good I was there. Did not make a scene. I was just so grateful that I've swept the dark times behind me. It was hard to perform the transferring files so it took me overnight just to sort through my millions of file. LOLl. So I'm just now posting. I hope everyone get theirs soon! #goodluck! #kapitlang