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Samsung S9 plus black screen

(Topic created on: 07-12-2021 11:49 PM)
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Screen turns black after using for few mints. Had same issue before one year back and I had to change the screen which was done at samsung service center.  Now I'm facing again, nothing new was added on recently. Have not dropped my phone. So now when I face this issue I need to turn of the screen for few mins and then able to use again, annoying part I need to keep doing this for sometime. Tried clearing catch, hard reboot and tried draining the battery do a proper full charge but in process I do have phone is heating up. Sometimes during normal charge, I'm using original charge as well. 

Any suggestions on why is this happening? Anyone else encounter this before?
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Amoled screen are famous for burn in,no doubt about amoled..and bad battery performance