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Samsung says it's working to resolve the S20 FE's touchscreen issues

(Topic created on: 10-23-2020 07:44 AM)
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Reports of issues with the aggressively-priced Galaxy S20 FE's touchscreen have been circulating in recent weeks. This includes so-called "ghost touch" problems and issues with swipes being processed as a series of taps. Since a screen is your primary way of interacting with a phone, this sort of problem is pretty frustrating. However, Samsung tells us it's aware of these reports and working to resolve the issue.


Reports for the problem date back to the beginning of the month, picking up over the last week or so. For those affected, the issue manifests as you can see in the embedded video above, with the phone incorrectly processing input like swipes or slow scrolling, tapping wildly instead of processing it as a single motion. Gestures like pinch-to-zoom are also affected and behave oddly. Some report general touchscreen sensitivity woes, including too-low sensitivity for taps, even when adjusting the software setting for Touch Sensitivity. Others with tap-to-wake enabled find the phone is almost always already on when pulled from their pocket.


Over the last few days, reports have speculated that the issue has been fixed in some other markets as part of a recent update, though we can't confirm these claims. At least one video seems to indicate it's true, though not all units were affected by this problem, further muddying the waters. (Anecdotally, AP's in-house review unit is fine.)


We reached out to Samsung for more information regarding these issues and were provided with the following statement:

"We are aware of the reported issue that appears on a limited number of Galaxy S20 FE devices. We are investigating this issue and working to resolve it. We recommend customers keep their devices up to date with the latest software by accessing Settings > Software update > Download."

The company didn't respond to our questions regarding the update that may be rolling out now in some markets, but it sounds like they're on the case either way.


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thanks for sharing.