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I have an issue with my S8 plus that whenever I sent a video thru messenger app, sometimes it is okay but sometime it appears as 0:01 seconds but my videos are 0:30 or 0:56 seconds. If it appears as 0:01 i can still play in my phone but in the receiver side, it goes black out or video has stopped.


Before I resetted my phone, I don't have any issues with that but after resetting, issues like this arose. 


Already, changed the video settings like FHD to QHD to UHD, still persists. As well as, restarting my phone and re-installing the messenger app.


Also, tried to transfer it to my laptop and it can be transferred but not able to play but some of my videos were able to play.  All videos are same format (.mp4).


The trick part is I can play it on my phone fine with no issues, but cannot share it or be transferred to my laptop.


Please help. Thank you in advance

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Hi Samsung_vqNdKMo,

Please try to clear the cache and data of the camera app. Follow the below steps:

Open Settings >> Apps >> Camera >> Storage >> Clear Cache and Clear Data.

Note: Clearing the data will reset the app to factory default settings. Any personal settings saved on the app will be removed.

Also, make sure that your mobile is updated and camera app and the messenger app is updated to latest version.

If the above steps didn't work try to wipe the cache partition of your device.

Are you using an SD card to store the data?