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Sleep Timer automático

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Routina no Bixby Routines para desligar a música automaticamente quando estiver dormindo: 


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Como ele detecta que vc tá dormindo?
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Certainly! To automate the process of turning off music when you're ready to sleep, Bixby Routines offers a convenient solution. By navigating to the Bixby Routines interface, typically accessible through a swipe on your home screen or directly via the Bixby app, you can initiate the creation of a new routine. Upon selecting the "+" icon to create the new routine, proceed to establish a trigger condition for the routine. Opt for the "Time" condition, allowing you to define the specific time when your routine should activate—typically your bedtime.

Following the condition setup, insert an action by tapping the "+" icon again. Within the available options, locate the "Media" category. From there, designate the action that instructs Bixby to turn off any ongoing music playback. This clever utilization of Bixby Routines ensures that your music automatically stops playing at your predetermined bedtime, creating a serene environment conducive to restful sleep. This way, you can seamlessly transition into sleep mode without the need to manually intervene, enhancing your overall sleep experience.

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