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Stuck SPen

(Topic created on: 04-21-2024 11:31 PM)
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Hello, I recently had a very dissappointing experience with your samaung store here in the Philippines (March 2024) It all started when I visited the samsung store in SM Center Las Piñas city. I was greeted by a customer care agent at the counter while I was going browsing the accessories rack in the store. I made my way to the hands on units of the S24 Ultra while the Custoner service agent is still at the counter just minding her mobile phone. While using the displayed S24 ultra, I tested my own SPen from my S23 Ultra to see if it will work on the S24 Ultra. After doing this I accidentally thought that the SPen that I was holding was for the S24 Ultra and accidentally inserted it to the hands on unit. I had realised after inserting it that the SPen was mine and eventualy was stuck! I had immediately called the attemtion of the customer service agent, that was the only time she approached me. I had a few attempts to remove it by using adhesive tapes which I purchased at the mall bookstore to remove it, but no luck. So I had advised the agent if they had any ideas to remove it and I'm willing to pay for the damages. So, I went home first and waited. On that same day they contacted me and said that I should return as they were able to get it out. As I rushed back tot he store, they said that their attempt was unsuccessful and that they will just take the S24 ultra to a local service center and ask if they can remove it. But of course I will have to cover the charges, I agreed to their terms. That same day they contacted me and said that the only way the service center can remove it is to open the S24 ultra Unit and remove my SPen. So the charges came to 940php which I agreed to pay. However the management of the store decided to not let the Phone be repaired or opened and just charge me the cost of the S24 Ultra with a brand bew price. To my suprise, I declined the offer and told them that I would rather buy a new SPen from the same service center that they took it to worth 3040 php. I found myself in a situation of unfair treatment as the S24 Ultra was a demo unit not a brand new unit with the price they are charging me. So, I had my purchase my new SPen 7 days after the incident. I was then contacted by the store again 3 weeks later and told me that their higher management decided again to have the S24 Ultra repaired and they will just charge me for the cost. Again my I had already purchased a new SPen during this time, they wanted me to pay for the service repairs before they take to the service center. I told them that I will pay for the damages once my SPen is already been remove with receipts. The samsung store employee contacted me and stressed me to go to the service center and pay, then decided that they will just pay for it first. There was a lot of confusion of where I should be going while there was a holy week holiday followed by a Ramadan holiday too. To cut the story short the store was already harrassing me for their poor management decisions. I had wasted so much time and effort just to get my SPen back where I ended up paying a total of 3960 ++ php and the employee at the store even sent me a message stating that she had paid for the repairs and demanded me to pay her immediately. It was the worst customer service experience that I encountered from this specific store and frankly I would never visit this store ever again even thought I am a loyal samsung shopper. Please see the attached screen shot of the rude and disrespectful employee. The manager is not even aware of the sort messages his own employee is sending to customers.
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If I were to judge the situation, this can be considered a user issue (out of curiousity). And yes, there's room for improvement on the part of the store management.
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Can you please attach a screenshot of the conversation? I'll report this to the Samsung team.