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It’s the final day of the Samsung Discover event! They’ve saved the best for last, too, and today only you can save $200 on the Galaxy S21 Plus! On top of that, you’ll receive $50 in instant credit for your purchase. That seems good to use for a new case to go with your new device!

Earlier in the week, Samsung revealed some impressive trade-in deals for the Galaxy S21 Plus, but the problem with trade-in deals is that you need to have a good phone to get the maximum discount. Instead, today’s deal is just a flat discount that you can combine with trade-in offers for even bigger savings. Normally $1,000, this brings the middle child of the new flagship series to $800.


When you purchase the Galaxy S21 Plus, you’ll also receive $50 in instant credit. This is perfect for a new accessory or two to go with your new smartphone! All around, this is an impressive discount on a newly released phone.

You may not have seen much hype about the Galaxy S21 Plus. That’s mainly because the standard Galaxy S21 is seen as the affordable flagship experience, and the Ultra is the high-end flagship, leaving the Plus in an awkward spot. But, at $200 off, that makes the Plus the same price as the standard Galaxy S21, and with the upgrades, it’s worth purchasing. That’s not even factoring in trade-ins and the instant credit! Finally, this deal is available on both unlocked and carrier phones, so you don’t have to feel locked in one way or the other.

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