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Vertical GREEN/PINK/WHITE line on S21+

(Topic created on: 05-16-2024 04:32 PM)
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Dear Samsung,

Im tired waiting for the answer. Sure you are aware that there is a lot of user complaint on the sudden appear GREEN/PINK/WHITE line on the SAMSUNG phone. As of now, my phone had more than 6 GREEN/PINK/WHITE line. Please dont keep ignore this issue as this is global issue for Samsung phone product.

I have go to the service center and really hate the answer and support given. They just advice me to wait maybe 3 to 5 month for the official statement from samsung. The best part is they advised me to buy a new Samsung phone. Fully *** and BANGGANG advice given. Do i need to buy a new Samsung if this issue ignore by Samsung? Do i need another Samsung phone? What if the latest Samsung phone that i will buy will perform the same issue?

Long story short, maybe this issue and how Samsung handle it need to be inform and broadcast to all Malaysia Tech Review so that people will know what need to be expected when buying a Samsung phone.

Hopefully, Samsung Malaysia can follow others Samsung nation which handle the issue much better and profesional. Will wait your answer before next month. Hope to get your response.




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So far Samsung India replaces the screen for free
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Same here, the green line suddenly appeared on my A73 screen right after the update. It's very annoying
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We should really gather everyone that faces this and lodge a large complain to Samsung. I hate their ignorance on this. We pay for the phone and yet treated this way
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I went to the center 2 times, 1 for survey and 2nd to just let them do what they can to fix it, waited around 3 to 4 weeks and was prepared to pay (reluctantly) but upon receiving the news, the technician told us that Samsung would bear the cost of my lcd replacement since they couldn't detect any external damage on my phone, no drop, no water damage, not motherboard, the line literally appears infront of my eyes while scrolling i was so confused at first.

My phone is s22ultra btw and it had happened to me 2 times, one was on 2022, screen glitch when i use 120hz, then theres this.. best to nego with the technician and see what they can do,, but really, from my experience out of the 10 cust at the center, 8 would have the same issue of green line