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Weird phone resets

(Topic created on: 12-03-2021 01:54 AM)
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Hey, I'm not to sure what's been going on with my phone today. But early in the morning I felt my phone vibrate. When I looked at it there was a blue screen with a big downloading icon and writing in different languages all over my screen. In the bottom right corner there was also a barcode.... 

I didn't press anything prior to this happening so I panicked lol . There was instructions on the page to hold down volume down and sidekey button for 7 seconds to power down and cancel. 

So I did that. Then thought the day my phone's been powering off and resetting. The last time it reset it changed my background and placement of apps.... 

When I look at about phone. It is still the same android 11 with UI 3.1.. So nothing has changed.... Has this happened to anyone and would anyone know what is going on? 
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If the phone is Booting into Download Mode repeatedly, (the Blue screen) this sounds like it could be an emmc (motherboard) that is starting to fail.


If it's only happened once, it could be a software / app issue.


I'd Boot into Safe Mode, & keep it in Safe Mode for several hours to see if it happens again.


If it doesn't, then if it was my phone, I'd backup with Smart Switch & Factory Reset, because it could be an app you downloaded that is causing the issue.


If you Factory Reset, I wouldn't restore anything at first. I'd use it for a day & see if it Boots into Download Mode again, if it does it's almost certainly a hardware issue. So if that's the case visit a Samsung Service center to get it checked out. 



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Hi D3MO, I suggest you please reboot your device in safe mode and check if you are experiencing the issue.

If you are not experiencing any issues in safe mode, then the issue could be due to any third-party application you installed recently.

To do this, you need to completely power off the device.

Then, power on the device, and when the Samsung logo appears, press and hold down the Volume Down key.

If done correctly, "Safe Mode" will display on the bottom left corner of the screen.

Thank you for the response, RedDogRabbit.