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What is Silent Logging?

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There has been a growing concern among Samsung users about a built-in system application called SilentLogging. Users are claiming that this app is used to spy, steal and sell your data to third parties. So, what is this SilentLogging app?

SilentLogging App is a built-in preinstalled system application on Samsung Android devices present in your phone’s modem settings that tracks all the Call logs and SMS logs from your phone and backs it up for easy transfer to a new device. The application package(APK) name of this app is com.sec.modem.settings.

The “sec” in the APK file stands for Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. so it is an app developed by Samsung and this app comes preinstalled on all modern Samsung devices that have VoLTE like Galaxy S7, S8, S9, S10, and others.

There has been confusion among users that this app is some kind of Spyware. We will address this issue in the next sections and also explain the purpose of the app.

What is SilentLogging Used For?

SilentLogging.apk is a built-in system app on Samsung devices present in your phone’s modem settings that silently accesses your phone’s mobile data internet and backs up your Call and SMS logs from your phone with help of your device’s Kernel.

Android devices use the Linux Kernel which is the core program that manages all the processes including your system resources like CPU and RAM, your system memory, your file systems, and networking devices on your Android device. The Kernel version is a code loaded in a protected area that prevents overwriting of other harmful Kernel programs.

The Silent Logging app is present in modern Android devices that have the Voice Over Long Term Evolution(VoLTE) technology. VoLTE uses the IP Multimedia Subsystem(IMS) technology with the preinstalled IMS Service app to deliver packet voice services over an IP network using Long-Term Evolution(LTE) access.

Is SilentLogging a Virus or Spyware?

No, SilentLogging is not a Virus or Spyware. It doesn’t cause any intentional harm to your device and doesn’t spy on or sell your data to third parties.

A lot of users are complaining on forums that SilentLogging is a Spyware used to track your device usage but this is False.

People have gone so far that they think this app uses your heart rate monitor and proximity sensor to track when you sleep and then logs into your device using another account. A few people even think that this app can be used to access your phone and accounts and other people can sideload apps into your device to track your device and app usage.

Both the above accusations are totally false. Samsung won’t hurt its reputation by using preinstalled Spyware. They can track your app usage using your Samsung account and they don’t need applications to spy on your data.

Silent Logging is a safe application. It is used by Samsung to track your Call and SMS logs and back them up on their Servers so you can easily transfer these if you change your device.

SilentLogging Causes Battery Draining?

Yes, the SilentLogging app causes heavy battery draining issues. In fact, it is an app with the next highest battery usage in most Samsung devices after your device’s screen and the Android system.

The Silent Logging app uses your phone’s modem and consumes a lot of system resources including CPU and RAM. It also uses your mobile data to connect to the Internet. Due to all this, your device’s battery drains very quickly.

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