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why trade in is a scam and you should stay away from it.

(Topic created on: 10-07-2022 03:45 AM)
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trade in in-fact is a scam to lure customers. i purchased a zfold 4 in august 2022 and applied for tradein on same day till now there is no update on the trade in. i called samsung and their trade in partner several times and they just don't care. I regret buying samsung devices going through the process. i had s22 ultra also and was thinking of buying odyssey ark too which I now drop the idea all together and will look for other monitors probably from apple. 
disgusting for a such a big company to scam its users in such a way. 🤡🌎

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I think trade in is only worth it when they add a bonus to it, like device value plus 400 for the fold and flip. Otherwise, yes, private sale is better
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This whole forum is complaints about stuff like this, at some point the blame shifts from Samsung to you.
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Good observation: "Charge LESS now & increase COST later" seems SAMSCAM motto! Time to fight it with "Don't pay until Courts say so"!
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They don't call it Scamsung for nothing.
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It's not a scam... although people who elect to use the trade in program only to realize they could've sold it for more in the private market may feel that way. That's not Samsungs fault, nor are they (or any company) willing to loose money on the program by giving you full retail value for on a trade in. It's the same when you trade in an old car in on a new car. You could sell your old car privately and get more money than a dealer will give you on trade. As to the Samsung Trade-in program... I did my home work "before" proceeding with a trade in. As it turns out my carrier offered me $0 for the trade in of my six year old S7.  I then checked several popular online auction sites and discovered the average selling price of a used S7 was for far "less than" Samsungs offer of $100 towards the purchase of a new S23. I jumped on the offer. The trade-in process was easy and painless and I got the $100 credit as promised. The only caveat, if you will...  is your trade-in phone must be operational and in good condition... which only stands to reason.

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I agree the trade in process is a scam - My wife and I sent in both of our non-damaged Model: SM-T813 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 samsung tablets in the original boxes in good working order (reason for upgrade was the small 32gb internal memory was too limiting).  Our tablets were kept in cases with screen protectors and used without having any damage.  I received a message that my tablet did not power up however after phoning and texting I received a picture showing it did work but still the trade-in was $0 and my wife's amount in a separate transaction this year was reduced to a few dollars from $55.  Never again Samsung!! 

If you do try the trade in take pictures of your product in working order and prepare to have to fight for your promised amount!