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You have a customer for life

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I washed my S22.


Let that sink in. I do not mean it got damp; I mean it went in the wash, full cycle on heavy duty setting including an extra rinse.


I pulled it out of the washer and immediately received a test message and an email. (Evidently the service inside the washing machine is not very good). It is working perfectly. I put it in a jar of rice as a precaution, but it is still functioning perfectly. The case isn't even dry yet. 


I am very impressed by this. I don't recommend washing a phone, but this one performed above and beyond expectations. I have always liked my Samsung phone, tablet and TV, and I can assure you my next computer will also be a Samsung. These things are built like a tank. Thanks for that.

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I had a waterproof camera I took into a hotspring and it caused steam inside the camera which soon caused the camera to stop working properly. I sent it off for warranty and they gave me a new camera but they said they tested the camera for 40 hours under water and it never leaked.
It was likely from the hot water
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Hi, that's really great to hear that your Samsung phone is working fine even after went into the Washing Machine. 

We appreciate you for taking time and sharing your experience with us here in the Community.

Thank you.