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Fold Ultra

(Topic created on: 12-19-2022 12:02 PM)
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Galaxy Series
Having shifted back to the S21 Ultra from the Fold 4 I've a suggestion that two conventional Ultra screens get hinged together with one double sided for a Fold 'Ultra'.

I find myself often caught between not wanting to open the main screen and being frustrated at the narrow front screen of the fold 4. The other reason I moved back was the zoom camera.

Having two split screens joining together when open fully would avoid the need for plastic screen.

Often in the ocean and beach I used the S21 Utra trouble free last summer with fresh water rinse.

I'd definitely get this but does anyonelse see the sense in a Fold with two internal screens that merge together?

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Community Manager
Galaxy Series

Hi Fiordland, thanks for the suggestion! I will pass this on to the relevant team