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S22 Ultra bad battery life

(Topic created on: 01-31-2023 12:40 PM)
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I have had my S22 Ultra since release, so coming up to a year. The batter life has been fantastic for most of that time, but the last few weeks it has taken a dive for the worst. 

I can charge my phone to 100% (I know this isn't the best for the battery) and then use it for 5 minutes and it will drop to 95%. On a full charge I have been lucky to get 3 hours of screen on time with mixed use, with the phone being in battery saver mode!

I haven't got any apps reporting excessive usage, but when my screen is off and the phone isn't being used whilst I sleep, the battery drops 20-30%. 

I am on the latest software version including the security patches.

Is anyone else experiencing similar issues recently, or managed to fix it?


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Hi Andrew,

We recommend you check the link below on  device care, to see whether there is any abnormal app usage:

If nothing is wrong,  we suggest you visit one of our kiosks for a check; or send the device to our repair centre for a check. Thanks, The Samsung Team