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Surfboard shaper Roger Hall talks Craft & Passion

(Topic created on: 04-23-2021 11:41 AM)
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New Zealand Photographer and Director Reagen Butler talks craft and passion with legendary Kiwi Surfboard Shaper Roger Hall. Roger discusses his process which he has been working through since the age of 13, having been designing and shaping Surf Boards for over 50 years.


He created his very first one at the age of 13, in a striking shade of orange, and ever since then the colour has held a special meaning for him.


“Every time an orange surfboard comes through the factory, I can’t help but smile,” he says.


Good things take time


Roger heads up a small but passionate team based out of his Surfline factory in Ruakaka, where each board goes through the process of being shaped, coloured, laminated and sanded by hand.


“I really enjoy the process of making a board because it is a process,” he explains.


It’s one that takes time and attention to detail, but it’s all part of Roger’s design philosophy, which celebrates the special connection between surfers and the ocean.


“When I get out of my front gate, and down the footpath to the beach, I’m that 13-year-old kid all over again. I just appreciate that every day,” he says.


Embracing creativity


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