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Switching to Galaxy

(Topic created on: 01-26-2023 07:09 PM)
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Around 2015, Samsung released some limited edition Avengers-themed phones. As a Marvel and pop culture fan, they were the coolest thing I'd seen.

I wasn't really in a position to change or update my phone at the time and when I was next upgrading, the choice wasn't mine.

In fact it wasn't until January 2019 I owned my first Galaxy item... Buds! I was stoked and the quality was amazing, but connecting them to anything other than a Galaxy phone felt like a sin. And I thought again about that beautiful Galaxy from 2015.

Then came Easter. It's a funny time for me. Over the years, there's been injuries, break-ups, lockdowns... and in 2019 on the eve of Good Friday, my cellphone turned into a paperweight. The home button worked, but the screen would no longer respond to touch. A restart made things worse, because then I was really locked out.

Looking down the barrel of a 4-day weekend that would potentially see me unconnected for a minimum of 40 hours, I rushed to the only Spark store that would still be open on my arrival. To get my phone potentially fixed would be a 6-week wait, a big cost, and no guarantee of actually being fixed. They suggested a new phone and I was easily swayed. 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was fairly new and came highly recommended and at an amazing price. I thought back to the cool Marvel phone of 2015, and the Buds that were pleading to be paired with their perfect match... and I officially made the switch.

Four work-free days to get acquainted with the Galaxy system, and I could never look back. That was almost four years ago and since then I've added the S22 Ultra, Watch5, and Buds2 Pro to my growing collection. 

I can't wait to see what's next.

What made you switch to Galaxy?

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I always got the "hand me down" phones from my older siblings and they seemed to always be samsung😁🤙, great for me!!... I try iPhone once for a very short time!..never like it.😵💫... Customisation for android is amazing thts really wht keeps me with Samsung and just the easy functionally 👍👌
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What's a customisation you always like to set?
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I always change my font!!.. And icons!.. Everytime!.. Dnt no why😵💫🤦‍♀️.. Ive brought a few over time so have heaps to choose from🤣🤗 depending on wht mood im in🥳