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Asurion mis-grading for z fold 4

(Topic created on: 09-06-2023 03:08 PM)
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Hi - does anyone have experience trading in their z fold 4 with Samsung Australia via asurion. My z fold 4 is in perfect condition, always kept in a case with no scratches on screen, etc. and in perfect working order. Asurion just sent me an email that they will charge me a mis-grading fee of 510$ and only give 295$ trade in credit (refund to my cc). When I click the link in the email it shows pictures of my phone with a label stating the hinge issue as apparently it does not open fully flat. My understanding is the hinge can be anywhere between 178 to 180 degrees and this is within tolerance. This is explained on several threads by Samsung eg. https://r1.community.samsung.com/t5/galaxy-z/samsung-z-fold-4/td-p/18889987

Also when submitting the phone for trade up, the assessment did not include any questions on the hinge degrees of movement or whether the phone opens fully flat or not! If I had known I would've just gone to Samsung and got it replaced under warranty before trading in (given phone is less than a year old!). 

I've submitted an enquiry with Asurion but no notification so far. Hoping someone on here can help or guide as their assessment of my perfect phone where the hinge is within tolerance is completely silly. Seems like Samsung needs to step in an explain to asurion what is normal for a folding phone!!

Any help or guidance will be awesome! 

Edit - perhaps there is a Samsung article or other threads on how not folding flat is considered normal. I could use it with Asurion!

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Oh God !!! I still haven't heard back about my device as yet and on edge as everyone is having dramas with these blokes, Zfold 2 with original box traded up for a value of $415 , let's see the excuses I get 😒 , keep y'all posted...