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Hi all,

ANOTHER thing not working with the Galaxy watch 4 and Z fold 3. I have my Bluetooth speaker connected and try to control it using the Smart Things wearable app. When tapping "show on phone" either nothing happens or the Smart Things mobile app launches briefly for a split second before crashing. I have cleared all app data and even reinstalled without a resolution. These devices were released along side one another. It just blows my mind that there's issues like this, it's as if they were never tested at all. 

It's been so disappointing coming from Chinese brand Huawei who didn't suffer nearly as much from all these small little bugs. Like another one is if you talk to Bixby on the Galaxy watch 4 and move your wrist while she talks, she will straight up cancel the command you ask. Or how Google discovery notifications just seemingly fail on the gaalxy Z fold 3. Entire Reddit forums have been made about this. Still no resolution 6 months after device has been released. It's unacceptable, if the Chinese can provide a polished product then surely the Koreans can too. 

And before the next Samsung rep copies and pastes some generic response from a template saved in notepad; yes I'm using the latest software update on both watch and phone. I've provided system logs for both watch and phone for these issues over a month ago without any response or update on a solution. 

This is a $2500 smartphone with more bugs than a $99 disposable smartphone. Fix it. 


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Galaxy Z

Hi @Ubiquitary, after looking into your error report, I can see our team responded to you on 2022-01-20.

To check:

Launch Samsung Members > Get Help > Check feedback you've been sent. 

For your reference, our research and development team advised sending an additional error report with log data attached. These are best sent within 2-3 minutes of the issue occurring. 

It seems that the video attached doesn't match the logs provided. The video shows the issue however the logs don't have any information related to the issue.

We suggest to clear Google Play services and Google app data/cache and try again.

Settings > Apps > Google Play services > Storage > Clear cache and app data

Please repeat the above steps for the remaining Google applications again.

If the issue continues, please ensure you're raising the error report as soon as the issue is replicated.