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Last week I opened my Galaxy Z Fold 3 after it had been sitting on my desk in front of me for about an hour, only to discover the screen had spontaneously cracked along the fold. 

Having taken it to Vodafone that same day (now a week ago) I get a call this evening saying that the phone had physical damage and was not covered under warranty...

Say what now - the physical damage i.e., the screen, cracked by itself under normal use conditions! I don't make a habit of throwing around an AUD$2500 phone after all! My phone is (was) in pristine condition apart from the new and very random crack which I had nothing to do with other than opening my phone. 

Of course, the call-centre guy was nice but couldn't really make a determination under Section 6 part D of the limited two-year manufacturer's warranty. Even then, this is pretty poor. I lived in Korea from 2004 - 2018 and had Notes 2 - 9 (including the 7 and subsequently the 7 Fan Edition), and have always been loyal to Samsung because of their, international warranty, and their usually stellar customer service. In Korea, the Samsung guy would look at you, look at your phone, and go "...please wait" and come back 10 minutes later with a new handset with all your data transferred. 

In Australia there is no way to go direct to Samsung, only authorised repairers (which seem to be a bit sketchy based on the comments here), or the telco or you have no option. 

I get there may be a few bugs to iron out with the Fold 3, but getting the run around doesn't give me the confidence that I will have this resolved to my satisfaction without using insurance or paying $500 for something that should fall under warranty 😞

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Galaxy Z

Hi @Stafford, I am sorry to hear that this issue occurred with your device. Is your device currently with our service centre? If so, I suggest sending through an email with the below details for this to be looked into. 


Subject: SamsungLaura - Z Fold3 crack

Detail: Full name, phone number, delivery address, service reference number, proof of purchase, device IMEI

If you currently have your device,  I recommend for you to head into your nearest authorised service centre with your proof of purchase so that we can take a closer look into this. Please be aware that due to our Privacy Policy, your device may be factory reset before being assessed. I highly recommend backing up your device via Smart Switch, OneDrive and/or Google to ensure none of your data is lost.

For more information on how to back up your device: 

To book an appointment prior to heading in-store or to drop off your device via Australia Post: 

To find your nearest store: