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Fold 3 Screen Crack Update

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First post is here: https://r1.community.samsung.com/t5/galaxy-z/fold-3-inner-screen-crack-warranty-being-denied/td-p/19... 

So, the post linked above details how my Z Fold 3 screen spontaneously cracked down the crease, all of its own accord leaving it unusable.

What follows is the long, but ultimately successful process I went through to get it fixed under warranty:

1. Went to phone company who took the phone and after a week came back and said the crack was caused by the user and isn't covered. 

2. Post in Samsung members detailing the situation and list examples where this has happened and people have put up posts and videos on the internet. 
2.1. especially examples where their phone has been replaced and repaired for free. 

3. Receive generic response from Samsung Members team (I'm impressed they are reading community posts!)
3.1 a week later receive phone back from phone company...ugh!

4. Email Samsung Australia office of the CEO, explaining situation, nothing that the 2 year Manufacturer's warranty is still in force (Thanks A triple C!). Again, detail what happend and point to evidence from other juristictions.
4.1 I used to live in South Korea so additionally provide examples of the amazing, no-questions-asked service provided by Samsung in its home country, and at this point suggest it's cheaper to fly to Seoul. Give the address of the Specific Samsung store I would go to in Seoul. 

5. CC email to global Samsung mobile CEO DJ Koh.

6. CC email to CEO of phone company (never heard back from them).

7. Wait overnight. 

8. Receive phone call from CEOs office - we have emailed you an AusPost label send the phone to us, we'll fix it. 

9. Constant communication from Samsung via SMS: "we got your phone". "we're looking at your phone". "Oh no! We've run out of new screens, repair will be 6-8 hours later than expected" "your phone is on its way..." Etc. 

10. Pick up phone from post office 3 days later. 

1. Samsung made an excellent product in the Z Fold 3, but pushed the envelope a bit in terms of the flexible screen. They won't admit it (and they don't have to) but it is gonna break. 

2. Why does Samsung feel so burned by Australia that they don't deal with customers the same way as everywhere else in the world? Samsung tech is on point, and everywhere else, after sales follow up is spot on. Apple doesn't have a global Warranty for its rubbish. 

3. Yes, email the CEO. Be nice and professional. Lay out your case succinctly, try and provide evidence, and tell them how you want the situation to be resolved. They don't have time for your complaining. 

4. Your phone company is rubbish. Doesn't matter which one. They are all rubbish. 

5. Having restored my faith in them, Samsung will continue to receive my money, probably for a Fold 6 at this point😜
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Good to see you got the issue resolved.

Personally, I think the biggest issue for SamsungAU is outsourcing, especially service/repairs.

I think Samsung Korea needs to allocate more funds so that more things here in Aus can be managed in house instead of being outsourced.
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Hi Stafford,

Would you be able to tell me how  you found the email address for the Korean office? I am in Australia and have emailed the CEO in Australia 3 times over the last 8 weeks but am being ignored. I can't believe this is a Samsung standard! The staff at the general helpline for Samsung Australia say they do not have any details for Korea, nor any phone numbers for the CEO office in Australia. Google says DJ Koh is no longer head of the company, otherwise I would ask if you could give me that address! Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes, Hazel.

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Like Australia, Samsung Electronics Global has a CEO landing page. Additionally you can hit them up on Twitter. Finally, Samsung Korea has a standard email address format for all employees from the CEO down. If you can crack that code you're good to go 😉