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Not seeing all notifications on cover screen

(Topic created on: 11-26-2023 10:38 AM)
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Hope someone can help, searching online hasnt helped this specific problem, I have a Z Flip 3:

For messaging apps Messenger / Whatsapp / Discord, my phone used to notify me of the first few messages in a group/thread but would be silent if there's a message storm. It would then then notify me again if there was a lull and it started again, which was perfect, my phone wouldnt blow up but I could still read all the messages on the cover screen later when I wanted. It now makes a sound for EVERY message which is super annoying. 

Which leads me to me second problem, when I go to look at message notifications now, I'm only able to see the details of last message sent, it used to be I could expand and read all the unread messages, it was very helpful as I hardly had to open my phone to the full screen if I didnt need to respond.  

Has anyone else come across this issue? Do you know what settings I need to change?

It's seems to be a problem that has crept up on me, I've had this issue with Messenger in the past but I was able to solve it by deleting the app and restoring, but now its happening to Whatsapp and Discord as well. And the notifying sounds for every message is the most recent issue.


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Did you also delete the caches? Deleting the app doesn't always delete the caches. Note you WILL delete the app content if you do this. Settings, Apps find app, go to Storage and find the delete option there. Restart. Also check notification settings in that area of the menu.
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Hey @Troubadour 

Thank you for your help.

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