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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked

(Topic created on: 07-26-2023 10:16 AM)
Galaxy Z
If anyone missed the live streaming of Galaxy Unpacked you can watch th replay on Samsung's YouTube channel here

They did announce the new Galaxy Z Flip5 and the Galaxy Z Fold5

I personally have not seen these devices yet but have seen lots of pictures and videos. They both look alot slimmer than previous devices and I'm really liking the large cover screen on the Flip 5 which is a huge upgrade from last year's Flip 4.

If I plan to upgrade from my S23U anytime soon, it will most likely be the Fold as I like the large screen.

What are your thoughts on these new device's. How do you like the colors. Anyone disappointed that Samsung is moving away from their traditional designs and more on the flips and folds.

Share your thoughts.. I am not too sure if I am really for foldable devices just yet. We are in the Z generation now and I'm still very much attached to my S.
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Galaxy Z
@SnowCat19, I missed the live streaming of Galaxy Unpacked as I was sleeping when the presentation was on. I just recently upgraded from the S21 Ultra to the Galaxy Z Flip 4. I have seen pictures and videos about the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and the Galaxy Z Fold 5. I don't think I have any plans in upgrading again anytime soon. I am just about to watch the YouTube presentation.