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Zflip disaster and Samsungs VOC (voice of customer) yeah right!

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Hey community,

I'd like to share my disgust with Samsung representatives with u all and to hear back from anyone who has gone through such horrific experiences and behaviour from Samsung and representatives.

Samsung claims that the customer is the all important to them, I beg to differ, this is my story.

With all the hype of the new foldable devices and then the worldwide disaster of the first device, we were all sceptical one would say, obviously then Samsung withdrew all devices and claimed to have fixed the issue correct? Well I think not.

Being a Samsung user for years and having the whole family on Samsung devices from TVs, tablets, phones and watches u could say I am a Samsung devotee, actually still have the first device I ever purchased going back 15 years or so.

The Mrs though wasn't convinced with the foldable devices even though very cool to own and use, I had purchased the Zfold 2 and been very happy with it since, actually used for work and put it through the hard yards, knocked around, dropped etc, eventually broke the front screen and still going strong no damage to the inside large screen, so being happy with the durability of the device, so I decide to buy the Mrs a Zflip for her birthday as a gift which I was very proud of tbh.

Purchased this device on the 15/03/2021, approx 7 months later on the 29/10/2021, we noticed cracks through the fold line which shouldn't have happened as Samsung claimed at the time of purchase these devices have been tested and proven to be used and folded 200k + times etc, no problem I thought must of gotten a dud this time around, I'll go to Samsung and they will have it fixed or replaced, much to my suprise Samsung representatives were quick to find any excuse to throw the issue back on the customer looking for any signs on the device in order to get out of the repair and blame it on the customer! WOW, Long story, though through persistence they decided to repair the device under the slogan of "good faith" like as if they were doing me a favour interestingly enough.

Was not happy with this, but didn't argue any further as just wanted to have the device repaired and back to the Mrs, so now I'm starting to look like a fool right? 

Once again approx. Another 7 months later on the 30/05/2022 the same thing happens again! Wow, by this time I'd had enough right? had the issue escalated to the VOC (voice of customer) yeah right! For a replacement unit, by this time I'm starting to wonder why Samsung had rushed out a further 2 new units the Zflip 2 and now Zflip 3 within the 2 year warranty period of my device the Zflip 🤔, makes on wonder aye.

Get a call from the VOC representative the next day 31/05/2022, informing me that Samsung will not be covering the repair as technicians have found a mark on the out frame of the hinge causing the screen to uplift and crack the inner screen once again exactly on the fold crease as the first time around, this representative was rude and did not show any concern to the claim of the customer and threatened to send the device back unrepaired unless I agreed to pay half the price of the original purchase for repairs due to the physical damage caused by the customer! Not just that she branded it as a "High level dent on Hinge" according to her and the findings of the technician (exagerated) and clearly not the case! Seems to me Samsung programme these techs to hunt for any insignificant wear and tear mark to get out of the repairs and on top of that guys she deems the device now void of warranty due to her conclusions.

Very concerned and upset as u would expect, I picked up the unrepaired device from the Granville Icure Samsung repair centre nsw, I take it directly to Head office repair centre in Homebush Olympic Park nsw to have the device re-assessed and argue the findings which were clearly exagerated! The representative at Homebush was horrified by my experience and treatment, took photos of this so-called "High Level Dent" and sent the device in the the techs at the centre, low and behold by the next day the device was repaired for the second time now by Samsung within a year and 3 months of the 2 year warranty period, re-issued to me on the 01/06/2022 unbelievable right? 

Now exactly 15 days after the second repair, on the night of the 16/06/2022 the 2nd LCD screen turns yellowish Brown and partially unresponsive, here we go again! and you can all imagine how frustrated and upset I am, let alone the Mrs who is over this device and absolutely hates it by now and has anxiety attacks just thinking about the device and doesn't want to use it, by this stage I'm the biggest fool in her eyes, THANKYOU SAMSUNG!!!, I make the call the next day on the 17/06/2022 to the Samsung care team and frustrated as hell mind u, same old procedure back up the device, factory reset etc and directed to take to the Granville nsw Icure repair centre for assessment, I'm like lets see what the excuse is gonna be this time? as the device by this stage been looked after like a baby and walking around with it on egg shells and not a mark on it and in perfect condition with no signs of physical damage as Samsung Reps claimed the first 2 times around.

Again by this stage I'm over this dud device and escalated to the so called VOC for a replacement unit, once again Samsung has secured a way out of the repair, just listen to this jargon mates!, absolutely disgusting behaviour and honestly the VOC in my experience does NOT! In any way speak for the customer and should be renamed as VOS (voice of Samsung) or VOT (voice of technicians) at the least.

Get a call back from a gentleman by the name of Dennis VOC representative informing me once again Samsung will not be covering the repair as has been deemed physical abuse by customer even though not a mark on the device mind u, but infact this time round an internal liquid leak of some sorts and found corrision inside the device and is implying we must have gone for a swim with the device! And starts relaying some IP68 rating info on me, I explained numerous times the device had only been back in our possession for a total of 15 days since the latest repair by Samsung and the device had been nowhere near water in this cold winter season etc, I assured and re-assured Mr Dennis this was not the case, But Mr Dennis (VOC) would not have a bar of it and insists even so it's only been back in our possession for 15 days this corrision has occurred after the fact! With no evidence to support such claims other than his and the techs opinions and did not care nor show any concerns to the customers claims (me).

Once again order to pay $900+ plus for repairs with a "good gesture" deduction of $110 bringing the total to $800+ on Samsung's part again as if they are doing me a favour!
Informed by Mr Dennis if I reject the good gesture payment the device will be returned unrepaired to me and go get lost basically! So here I am with a device that cost originally $1500 that has given us nothing back heartache and stress, now tampered with 3 times by Samsung and still within months on its warranty that does not function and Samsung does not care, still waiting on Mr Dennis to authorise release of my device that has been sitting at the repair centre unrepaired since 17/06/2022 till this date!

I have spoken to multiple Samsung representatives since with no resolution and asked to prove my case for a different outcome! I ask you all, how is it I can prove my case any further? My track record shows the amount of times I have paid for physical damage and screen replacements caused by the kids dropping devices etc to Samsung and am not in the bussiness of making up stories and still this does not suffice Samsung representatives, I am appalled by the behaviour of Samsung and representatives and this is the first device over all these years of owning Samsung devices I have put in for warranty issues and this is the treatment I recieve as a devout Samsung supporter and user, for all I know this inner leak corrision as they are claiming possibly could have been caused by solvents used by Samsung techs or a spillage within their care etc.

I will be taking the fight to Samsung on this case as it's a matter of principal and hate being taken advantage of and clearly this is the case on Samsung's part of negligence!, requested all reference numbers and audio of phone calls and told to put in writing a have done so, asked to speak to the complaints department with no call backs as yet nor success, have sent emails with no replies, in fact Mr Dennis Mercuri supplies me with a fake reference number that is not affiliated with my account but another account, a female to be precise and has been confirmed by 2 other Samsung representatives, all I have received is apologizes with no resolution other than the fact it's all my fault and not the fault of Samsung and just pay, pay and pay mate...

Let me know your thoughts guys, this is a genuine case of betrayal by Samsung, forgive me for the essay long post but it's been quite a journey and still on going.



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By Law the products supplied need to be "FIT FOR PURPOSE " and "DURABLE".

My experience is that these foldables are not and I suspect Samsung must know it as there excuses are well rehearsed.

The more complaints through fair trading the better a case is made and changes could be enforced.

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Sorry to hear what u guys are going through , but yeah been there done that and yes Samsung techs are experts with pics looking for the slightest mark to use against the customer and claim physical damage , though as mentioned went through all the heartache and avenues , didn't get resolved till I physical went down to the Homebush , Sydney main office and was ready to throw the phone through the front window (bit extreme) though by this stage the so called VOC , yeah right ! Drive me insane, thankfully once it was face to face and explained for the millionth time , the main techs agreed with everything said and done and over turned all the other nonsense over emails , phone calls and texts , go directly to them mates ....
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J'aimerai partager avec vous ma triste expérience avec le Galaxy z flip 4.

Moi qui a un attachement aveugle à la marque Samsung, j'ai toujours consommé du Samsung, sauf que cette fois si je suis dégoûté, l'écran de mon z flip 4 a commencer à devenir noir en haut de l'écran, puis des rayures au milieu avec le temps, en espace de 3 jours l'ecrans est devenu totalement noir sans raison, sans avoir subit un choque ni tombé de mes mains.

Moi qui prends virement soins de mes appareils, d'ailleurs j'utilise a ce jour mon galaxy s8+, mes cadeau et mes appareils ainsi que mes recommandations ont étés toujours de côté de Samsung, mais cette fois si je suis déçu de mon expérience avec le z flip 4.

Le service après vente Samsung Paris les champs Élysées, refuse catégoriquement de prendre en charge et reconnaître la fragilité de cette technologie, sous prétexte que j'ai fait tombé mon appareil !! 

Victime de cette technologie pliante, l'écran a tenu que 8 mois d'utilisation 😑, par expérience, il faut fuir ce model de téléphone qui se plie.