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I.A.Software MusT Improve inToūüďłA Hand Scanner InTerface&CyBeRPunkSTylePEARSONūüďł

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This is The 2¬į Trynna To Get Classified inTo The Galaxy I.A. Challenge!.. among These Three classificatives SURE? :-}
Those are ūüďł The pictures vinculated one in AnoTHer!
I does Think it would be Nice if ūüďłTHe Hand picture were Transformed by The Inteligence artificial software. into a Cybernetical version Inspite of This seen structure it were by The I.A software SwiTched The background inTo a Hand Scanner interface attached To a Digital Door from where The Pearson i Hope it is allowed To JoinūüėÉ! For exemple.
THe Pearson pictuRe is vinculated To THE Scanner Hand PicTure!
In This ocassion i does expecT ūüďłThe pearson Picture To get Switched By The ARTificial INTelliGence into a CyberPunk Style wiTH a HaT BuckeT Complete Body Included The HigH TecH sunGlasses ! for Exemple .
IntoūüďłThe Pearson ShOT Background it would be fine a LED Structure! For Exemple.
ThaT is iT THe Trynna :-}

To This pictuRe it is expected The Intelligence ARTificial Software TO Switch inTo a Hand Scanner Attached To a Digital DOOR from where The person is allowed To Join or denied by The Interface. Let me Hope The pearson is able To Join ūüėÖ

To This pictuRe it is expected The Intelligence ARTificial software To Transform into a CyberPunk Style , WiTH a HaT BuckeT also in a Complete Body edited Photography. Including The HigH TecH Sunglasses for exemple!.
InTo The Background it would be fine a Glow LED structure 

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