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(Tema creado el: 03-05-2021 11:10 PM)
Beginner Level 4
Galería Galaxy

We are limited in almost every way by society and its rules, but the sky has no limits.
I was taking some shots using portrait mode on my Galaxy S20+ when I suddenly noticed an eagle/hawk flying across the mountains so I immediately pointed the phone at it and took the the shot without noticing that I was still in portrait mode. After taking the picture I noticed I had taken the picture in portrait mode and I thought my phone wouldn't have detected the eagle because it flew by fast and it was far, but I was surprised when I opened the photo in my gallery and saw that my Galaxy was able to detect and focus on the hawk/eagle and apply the portrait effect.
I retouched it a little bit in Light room applying a pale sepian filter and sharpening the eagle a little more. 

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