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How to optimise your gameplay on your Galaxy Phones

(Topic created on: 06-16-2023 09:25 AM)
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Hello Gamers!

Do you know about Game Booster which is already available on your Galaxy phones?

Game booster enables you to monitor how your game is operating on the device, use the data generated, such as the temperature and the game memory, to adjust your settings for the best gameplay! You can also adjust different settings on your Galaxy device, such as locking the navigation button to prevent accidental touchers while gaming, blocking notifications or features to prevent unnecessary distractions, configure the pop-up panels and more.

And the best part is that you can make all the relevant changes to enhance your experience while you are playing your game. All you need to do is tap on the Game Booster icon (which will give you access to a handy menu) that is on the side of your gaming screen.

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Bought myself gamesir x2 and playing shadow flight 4 and massive warfare-aftermath game on S22 ultra. I have to say, brilliant idea indeed