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GAMEPLAY with Samsung Members!

(Topic created on: 11-25-2022 03:58 PM)
Community Manager
Heyy Samsung Members,
During the next few weeks, we will be talking about GAMING! Are you ready for our new GAMEPLAY event?
We have a host of exciting activities lined up for you. Do check out our campaign page here and join your fellow Members on 1st December, 6:30 pm for our GAMEPLAY Watch Party! 😉
Start chatting away with our fellow Members on gaming in our gaming forum now. See you there! 😁
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Can't wait for it to happen...

Love gaming both on my S21 Ultra n Z Fold 4...!!!

Gaming For Life...!!! ✌🏾 👍🏽 💪🏽Screenshot_20221124_115451_Call of Duty.jpgScreenshot_20221124_121039_Call of Duty.jpgScreenshot_20221124_115551_Call of Duty.jpgScreenshot_20221124_121012_Call of Duty.jpg