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issue from A31 or yours as well

(Topic created on: 09-09-2021 10:19 AM)
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you can adjust the heat A31 my A31 always heats up and I can see an issue why when my Samsung A31 is hot I don't want to hold my finger which I will press but it releases I don't know if it's just me and because my finger is releasing on the screen I can play well and it's hard to chat, can you help me with this? 
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Before continuing, it's worth taking the time to examine what is hot, and what is not. Your phone under normal use should not be hot. If it is, you have a problem.

However, don't interpret warm as hot. A slightly warmer feel after playing a game for 15 minutes is normal. But if your phone displays an overheating alert, or you find the device is surprisingly hot to the touch, then you should investigate.

You've probably already closed a few apps or restarted your device to troubleshoot.

But If your Samsung phone is still overheating, it's probably due to other causes. if you want to know what causes your phone to get hot and how to stop it, keep reading.

Following reasons will lead to heat the phone


• During the initial setup after purchase or when restoring data

• Downloading large files

• Using apps that require more power or using apps for extended periods such as

– Playing high-quality games for long time 

 Recording videos for extended periods 

 Streaming videos while using the maximum brightness setting 

– Using the Screen Mirroring / Smart View feature (connecting mobile to a TV) 

• While multitasking or when running many apps in the background i.e. 

– Using Multi window 
– Updating or installing apps while recording videos 
– Downloading large files during a video call 
– Recording videos while using a navigation app 

 Large amount of data for syncing with the cloud, email, or other accounts 

 Exposing device under sunlight when temperature is high around you 

 Extensive usage of mobile hotspot and tethering feature  

• Using device in areas with weak signals or no reception or in roaming network

 Charging the battery with a damaged / unapproved USB cable

• Device’s multipurpose jack is damaged or exposed to foreign materials, such as liquid, dust, metal powder, and pencil lead .

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