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When I cross my arms, it frequently causes random touches on my watch and this can change the watch face, change app settings etc. This is unwanted behaviour. 

There needs to be a way to lock the screen on Galaxy Watch 4, so you have to go to an unlock section or menu in the settings, or unlock it in the wearable app berries you can change the settings of the screen (like where apps are, or the customising the watch face). 

This would allow the "touch to wake" function to work, but still prevent ghost touches from changing settings on the watch by mistake. 
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Hi @TeeC, thanks for your detailed feedback.

Could you send this through as an error report for our research team to look into?

To send an error report for a wearable, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Galaxy Wearables app > click on the device desired on the side menu
  2. In the side menu, tap Contact us > Error reports (in the Get help section)
  3. Fill in details and the frequency of the issue that you have with the wearable.
  4. Click send.