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Are alarms actually apart off the SmartThings app? If so, how?

We just purchased a Smart 4-Door Flex refrigerator (model RF29A9071SG/AA) and I see in the manual that alarms are available for high temperature, door open, pitcher overflow, and water filter replacement. Of course, smaller print on that same page states, "Some options may not be available for remote control". I can't find any alarm setting in the app, other than specific user configurable temperature alerts (not high temperature) for fridge and freezer. Items do indeed show up in the Notifications area, but silently, so what good is that?

This was one of the features that caused us to spend our money, so although not a deal breaker, it is making me mutter "bait and switch" in Korean.


Peace, Dr. Z.

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I think by this Samsung means... whenever something is wrong it sends you reminder / alarms to your samsung device or samsung account in smartthings. Mine shows door is open in my phone within smart things and sends me notifications. I have Family Hub side by side door.
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If the notifications are silent, can you not change them?