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Self-diagnose Sound Issues on Your TV

(Topic created on: 02-01-2024 01:50 PM)
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Your TV  has several built-in self-diagnosis tools that can help you solve any problems you are experiencing. You can test the various conditions of your TV directly to determine if there is an abnormality. To determine the root cause of the issues e.g. whether it is caused by the TV itself or external devices, you can use the Video Test, Picture Test, and Sound Test.

Note: The methods provided below are the most common. For model-specific information, check your TV's user manual.


Use Sound Test to diagnose audio issues

Step 1. On the remote control, press the Menu or Home button.

Step 2.  Select Device Care (on some models select Support instead).

Step 3. Select Self Diagnosis.

Step 4. Select Start Sound Test to check the sound.


Step 5. The Sound Test plays a melody to help determine if there is an issue with the TV speakers. If the melody plays without issue, there may be an issue with a connected external device. Check the connections or refer to the external device's user manual.

Step 6.  If you still hear a problem in the Sound Test, select Yes. Otherwise, select No.

If the same problem continues, a software update or factory reset may be required.