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Manufacturing Defect on TVs

(Topic created on: 11-06-2022 07:27 PM)
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We purchased a 70” Samsung TV just over a year ago and in the middle of the night the screen fell right off of the tv! Fortunately our children were in bed and no one was hurt but this is a MAJOR concern! This tv was NOT cheap we are STILL paying it off!! When we contacted samsung we were told because we mounted it on a wall the warranty was voided! PLEASE tell me WHY YOU MANUFACTURE A TELEVISION WITH MOUNTS IF IT VOIDS THE WARRANTY?!! We did not ALTER THE TV IN ANYWAY! We are so livid and disgusted by the response and are being forced to continue paying off this TV that is now basically trash WITH 0 resolution for us! This is NOT OUR FAULT THIS IS A MANUFACTURER DEFECT AND SHOULD BE SAMSUNGS RESPONSIBILITY! This could’ve have been a VERY dangerous situation if it would’ve happened at any other time of day! We will be posting this everywhere we can to make people aware of this issue and hopefully save people their money as we are now flushing away 3000 dollars! Please be aware before purchasing a Samsung tv especially if the answers we get are there’s nothing they can do  about it! Never in my life have we seen anything like this and we have had tvs mounted for 5 plus years with 0 issues! 





Hi, we are really very sad to hear about whatever happened with the TV.

Thankfully you and your family members are doing safe.

We would like to inform you that, as your'e in a Beginner level1, we are unable to send you DM(direct message) to get the details from you.

We kindly request you to contact our Live chat team, so that they will definitely escalate the issue to the higher team and they will contact you soon to help you further.

Please visit the link given below to contact our Live chat team. https://www.samsung.com/ca/support/contact/#contactinfo

Again, we apologize for the trouble caused to you.

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Yeah that could have been much worse, especially if your kids were sitting in front of the TV!

You might want to include the model number of TV.

You mean that you actually used the Wall Mount Points on the back of the TV... to mount it on a wall.. Adventurous lol

Samsung's warranty seems more about giving them a warranty against providing warranty protection for the consumer..