Hey Samsung Members!

Its been a frosty week - The weathers starting to get cold here. Its supposed to finally dip into the negatives soon - maybe some snow?:D

Getting back into the groove has been slow but steady. I think I ate too much during the holidays, but I have no regrets because food makes me happy:) How is everyone?


I really appreciate everyone having questions and being involved in the community. If you have a concern that immediately needs to be addressed(As of now there is no notifications if I'm mentioned so it's a little hard to see when someone asks me something) - feel free to message me using the web version of Samsung Members - I'll notice it there! Otherwise, everyone keep doing what you're doing:]


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I was scrolling through the posts - and noticed that Cprice shared a link of the keynote livestream of Samsung at CES: https://r1.community.samsung.com/t5/Others/Samsung-CES-2020/td-p/3320597

I also saw @ThePagalBoy post a link to The First Look :https://r1.community.samsung.com/t5/Others/CES-2020-Samsung-First-Look/td-p/3299759


Some of the words this week were #CES, and #Promode. Lot of hype with CES this year - I know it's got me in a ball(ie) of excitement!
I like to thank @Tallman, @ZMAHD, @Cprice and @vape for all sharing stuff they thought was cool with everyone! That's how a community comes together! Thank you all for exemplifying that.
Thanks @Ray2 for giving out some helpful solutions! Always appreciate it:]
Have a good one everyone! I hope you stay warm and dry this week!
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Riddle me this...
We are all mostly on samsung phones
On a Samsung app
But no messages unless we log in through the web?

So your programmers make a ton of money, go on vacation, eat n drank till they sleep and stay on vacation?

This is an obvious needed feature of your app
+plus everything mentioned by others such as an update section and split up a bit so it makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for. Also sticky posts for the top of each section, I mean I've seen so much wasted space people asking about updates, I don't fault them for asking, but a simple section with a sticky at the top would get rid of a 1/4 of repetitive questions.

Also, I cannot understand for the life of me why you cannot grant permissions for some of the long time, smart users here to flag and hold posts or delete them?
Almost everyday I'm not sure if I'm in the
Samsung community member app
A children's forum
A plagerizem site
Or pornhub

It really peevers me off when you all got time to delete good posts and we all know which ones I'm talking about @CHMultimedia
But you leave spam and offensive posts up, really? Priorities people, priorities!
Ridiculous 🙄

Have we forgot about French /English auto translation in the here too? Not seperate forums, but use your Stranslate to figure it out?

I do like these posts you make though, especially your shout outs
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I want one ui 2.0 update. when is it coming
What phone?
For us 2018 phone users it'll be late january early febuary, thats my guess.
@TheDanishPastry Samsung Galaxy Note 9
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Cool pics, Jeremy! Cheers!
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Wow! That's a very nice photo!