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Admire Samsung products

(Topic created on: 09-12-2023 04:19 PM)
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While I was working part time as a cook I have had opportunity to work for appliance store in Thailand. Selling so many brand 
I have to say those day there isn't Smart things available to us. Samsung products probably still unknown to consumers. 

A year later Bang. Here you go from one thing to another. I owned first smartphone Galaxy S1 then S2, Note 4, tablet 10.1, Tab S 
S7 plus if I am correct, S8 plus, S20 plus 5G and the most gifted S22 ultra from wining competition 
My thought that Samsung should bring back those phone to sell as anniversary of S series or Note series etc 

I am personality enjoy sophisticated or complex smartphone. It does give me time to learn many areas. To understand how phone work. That how I enjoy all galaxy smartphone so far 



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I'm Huawei myself it's a tragedy what happened there they were the best phones in the world but not anymore