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Alternatives for Google Play Music as it shuts down surfaces

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With Google Play Music now double dead and even fully disabled on devices in favor of YouTube Music, if you’re simply not a fan of the replacement, you might be looking for some serious audio alternatives.



Unfortunately, while Google Play Music was ultimately flawed, it was still one of a kind. Some of the core features like the ability to upload your offline library was really a killer addition that made it such a fantastic streaming app and endeared it to millions of **bleep** fans around the globe. It’s really hard to let go of such an awesome music player, one that at least in terms of features was still way ahead of where YT Music is right now.

I, like you, already miss Google Play Music. I was a subscriber reluctant to fully move over and switch to YouTube Music but did so in an attempt to ease the pain of switching ahead of the inevitable shutdown. I managed to transfer a decent-sized 10,000-track library of over 1,000 albums and numerous more playlists. Transferring almost a decade of audio has been difficult at the best of times and frustrating when it has been accrued, catalogued, and refined over this period.

Although I will say outright that YouTube Music has come on leaps and bounds, it still is nowhere near the full Google Play Music replacement that it ought to be at this stage of 2021. You’ll likely miss out on library upload features, but at the end of the day, you now no longer have the option to keep using GPM — which makes switching all the more painful.

For those of you that are happy to stick to locally stored playlists, then it might be worth trying something like AIMP. It really is a fantastic music player for Android devices with support for tons of audio codecs  — including AAC, FLAC, IT, M4A, OGG, and WAV — this makes it ideal if you have ample storage for your entire library and are happy to transfer music from your PC or laptop without the need for an active internet connection. After all, streaming isn’t for everyone, plus it’s arguably cheaper and without the associated worries of losing access to your music library and favorite playlists.

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