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Android 13 may soon let Galaxy phone users transfer eSIM profiles

(Topic created on: 01-11-2023 11:05 AM)

A new feature was discovered in Google’s recent Android 13 QPR2 Beta release, which may allow smartphone users to manage and transfer eSIM profiles more easily. These functionalities may become available for Galaxy smartphone users in the future.

The latest addition to Android 13 (QPR2 Beta) may allow Android smartphone users to transfer an eSIM profile from an old phone to a new one, thus allowing users to switch to a new eSIM-enabled smartphone easier. In addition, Android device users could also gain the ability to convert a physical SIM card profile into an eSIM profile.

As discovered by @MishaalRahman, the transferring eSIM profiles feature is being worked on for Pixel phones and other GMS (Google Mobile Services) devices. Therefore, it may become available for Samsung Galaxy phones in the future (but not devices like Huawei’s, which are non-GMS).

It’s a stretch, but given the Android 13 beta timeline, it is at least possible for the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 to be among the first Samsung phones to support these features. Then again, there’s also a chance that they may be limited to Pixel devices initially and that Samsung and other Android smartphone OEMs may have to wait a while longer before they can use these features, assuming they’ll exit the beta and go live, in the first place.

Most recent firmware-related news concerning Samsung phones has to do with Android 13, but some low-cost devices have been lagging behind the rest of the pack, and the Galaxy A01 is certainly among them. The unlocked Galaxy A01 variant in the USA is only now getting Android 12.

Samsung started rolling out Android 12 for the carrier version of the Galaxy A01 in December. Now, the unlocked models are getting the same treatment. Android 12 is accompanied by One UI 4.1 Core. And in this case, the update carries firmware version A015U1UEU5CVL2. The update comes with the September 2022 security patch.

Since this is the stripped-down “Core” version of One UI 4.1, Galaxy A01 users won’t get all the features that were previously included with the Android 12 update for most other Galaxy phones. Some improvements to the cosmetics of the UI are expected.

Galaxy A01 users in the USA should get an update notification, or they can try triggering the update by opening the Settings app, accessing “Software update,” and tapping “Download and install.” If you have the Galaxy A01 and prefer manual updates over a PC, you can also download the official firmware files from our website.

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