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[GAME] Play the Kaleidoscopic Journey Game!

(Topic created on: 04-20-2023 03:22 PM)
Community Manager


Hey Samsung Members!

Collect stamps for 5 days and stand a chance to win a Uniquely Us NFT!

What’s the game?

A group of Samsung Members, each with their own unique perspective, stumble upon a kaleidoscope in an open field. Peering into it, they saw a vibrant and colorful world, known as The
Kaleidoscope, which celebrates diversity and uniqueness!

As they looked around The Kaleidoscope, they discovered a world of new ideas and perspectives, where if they worked together, they could create something even more beautiful than what they would have created alone.

Only 40 Samsung Members in New Zealand will be chosen to enter The Kaleidoscope and join other Samsung Members across the region.
Will you be one of the lucky Samsung Members to discover the wonderful magic at the end of this journey?

How to join
•Log in to Samsung Members App daily to collect stamps.
•Only 1 stamp can be collected each day.
•The first 40 Samsung Members in New Zealand to collect all 5
stamps will win 1 Uniquely Us NFT which marks their entry into The Kaleidoscope.

Each NFT holder will be also able to redeem an exclusive animated
mobile paper.

Play now!