Expert Level 5

It goes without saying that the TV is undoubtedly one of the most essential devices for a home. Often, it stands as a centrepiece for the home and is more than just a tool for entertainment and content consumption. 

The humble TV has certainly evolved over the years. Today, its functions stretch beyond broadcast; it also acts a vital aesthetic piece in a living space and household. For Samsung, the TV has been one of the focal points of the brand and, as such, it has developed a range of attractive TV choices to match users’ needs and lifestyles.  

Transform Your Living Space with The Frame

At only 24.9mm thick, which is 46% slimmer than The Frame 2020, and with an adjustable stand that can accommodate soundbars and other devices underneath, The Frame 2021 does not only fit into your living space but also enhances it.     

The optional Studio Stand will also allow users to free up more space. Suitable for a variety of Samsung TVs, the Studio Stand elevates the TV like artwork on an easel, allowing users to position it anywhere they like. 

The Frame, one of three models in the Samsung Lifestyle TV series, boasts a modern design with a range of customisable bezels that range from modern white, teak and brown to beveled brick red and white, all of which easily match any space.

As it is designed to look like a slim picture frame, The Frame also allows you to give your living space the inspiration it naturally deserves. Added to that, the Art Mode can also illuminate any space with a beautiful work of art. By accessing the feature as well as the Art Store, you will be able to access art information and bring world-class galleries into the home. With access to over 1,400 Art Pieces from the world’s leading galleries such as Saatchi Art, Magnum Photos and LUMAS, users can transform their TV into a coveted piece of artwork that reflects their taste and style. When not being used as a TV, The Frame transforms into a beautiful work of art. The My Collection feature also allows users to frame their most-cherished moments by simply uploading photos to be displayed.