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🌞Hot Topic – June 17 2022 🌞

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Hey Samsung Members, πŸ€—

I hope everyone is doing well and prepared for a nice weekend ahead of us!


Here are some of the highlights from this week:


Big thanks to @Cassidy and @jamesy for informing the community of the latest S22 series update! Find out more about what’s new here for the French version and here for the English version. Don’t forget to share your experience with us with the latest software update! We always want to learn what is good and wrong and what we can improve to provide a better experience to our users.


Thanks, @t3chgy for sharing with the community of this amazing promotion on selected Galaxy devices. Check out our current deal here, not only Galaxy Z Fold3 5G but you also get big saving on other devices!


Do you have the same question as @thebrez in Samsung device connectivity? Check out this post to find out more about the solution. Thanks, @Ray1 for providing the insightful solution that helps our community members!


Last but not least, I am seeing tons of amazing photos of nature from our community! Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of nature🌻, and here are some of my favorites:  peaceful sunset from @kuriouskiwiphotos, flowers close-up from @Cassidy and stunning summer photos from @vetman.



Our hot keywords this week are #Galaxy S, # Galaxy A and #Promotions.



  • Have you tried dressing up your lock screen and making it customized? Please share your experience with us! Tip: learn more about how ONE UI could provide a unique experience designed by you here.


Drink more water, put on sunscreen and hope everyone has an amazing weekend! 




Sean @ Samsung Members Team Canada


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Question. Sorry if wrong place my account saying this device isn't registered but it is registered another having a counting device issues for a few years now and feels like I'm being targeted looking for a real help and we will help if possible do it's attempted murder and more
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You should probably make your own post with your issues, and what's with all the images of paper stuff? 

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My wife and I just purchased new S22's and hers,quite often,will say she has no internet connection but I do. The only way to fix it is to reboot her phone. Any thoughts on why just hers does that?

Thanks so much for mentioning me about the Sunset pictures that I have posted.

It means alot to me, as I'm a beginner photographer and I really enjoy using many Samsungs10S

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Bonjour la gang de Samsung. J'aimerais savoir comment je peux faire un nouveau dossier sur mon pad et y mettre des fichiers personnels sans passer par ICloud? Merci de votre rΓ©ponse.
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My phone has the same amount of apps as my S21 and it seems like the S22 has a slower processor because more apps are crashing and it takes a longer time to load certain apps. Sometimes I cannot get into certain accounts online I'm assuming cannot process information correctly (quickly enough). Does anyone else have this problem?
Awesome to have to make 75G56GT6VV6T6RV with me too 653
How do I make sure that the onl is the same for 8