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🤩 Hot Topic - March 29th, 2024

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Hi Samsung Members!

Have a blessed Good Friday and an early Happy Easter for those who celebrate. We have many things to cover this week, so let's get right into it!

[$100 towards AI-powered Bespoke appliances purchase]


Did you know that AI is coming to Samsung’s home appliances, in addition to Galaxy devices? With the new 2024 Bespoke lineup, AI and SmartThings will enable an ecosystem that will make your home experience even smarter.

The good part is… there is an amazing deal where you can get a $100 e-voucher redeemable towards a purchase of a 2024 Bespoke AI appliance, valid until April 3rd! Sign up now here: Bespoke AI [EN]/Bespoke AI [FR]


[Galaxy S24 series + Galaxy AI feedback megathread]

We want to say a big thank you for all of your enthusiasm and contribution in the Galaxy S24 series and Galaxy AI feedback thread! We are happy to see plenty of good feedback and suggestions, and we really appreciate your effort to help us improve the user experience!

The thread is still open until this weekend, so if you have not given your feedback, click the link above and write down your thoughts.


[Samsung Account feedback megathread]

Similarly, we still have our Samsung Account feedback megathread open. If you have any thoughts regarding how Samsung Account can be improved, write them in the thread.


[Google Play system update]

Friendly reminder by RedDogRabbit and Anderson199214 that another Google Play system update is out. Check it out by going to ‘Settings’, ‘Security and privacy’, and click ‘Google Play system update’.


Wish you a great long weekend!


Winston @ Samsung Members Team Canada

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Maybe provide Samsung's Canadian OS Update information. 

There's obviously quite a few people who are looking forward to seeing One UI V6.1 on the S23 series and other devices. 

The most recent update on Samsung Members Notice, was last June for One UI V5.0!


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I don't see the point of buying the + care program when you clearly don't want to replace my faulty camera on my S24 Ultra . I'm still within the 15 days limit. Samsung is a total joke! I'll be returning the faulty device and you lost a customer, lack of service !!!
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How can resett my telephone because It turned black and white and can not find the "cure" .