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here is a list of products I currently own from Samsung


Samsung Gear S

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Level On (headphones)

Samsung Buds

Samsung Buds Pro

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung BD-P1600

Samsung BD-3600

Samsung BD-F5900

Samsung UMD -M9500

Samsung PN42C430

Samsung LN37B530

Samsung FPT5084

Samsung AVR720

Samsung AVR730

Samsung NP-R522 (laptop)

Samsung ML-1630 (laser printer)

Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Dex Station

Samsung Q950T

As well as various accessories just as wireless charges for phones, watches and earbuds and a few old school Samsung flip phones from the GSM and TDMA days.


99% of these products are still functioning after all these years and are used on a daily basis. This is the reason why if I was to choose my next electronic device, I never looked at any other brands because I trusted Samsung. This was until I bought my second last purchase.


My 50" plasma TV started acting up after about 14 years of flawless ownership, I was tempted to get it fixed but figured it would be better to just buy a new television. So of course there was no doubt in my mind was going to get another Samsung, I did, I got a 65" TV.


First couple of months of ownership was fine, but after awhile I noticed some dark spots near the corners an along the bottom of the TV. After living with it for a while, it started to bother me and others would point it out as we watched movies. I contacted Samsung via the app in the TV and I indicated that they call me back. They did within a few hours which was great! The Rep was fantastic and professional through out the trouble shooting steps that were provided. It was then decided that the TV needed to go to a Service Centre for repairs. The TV was dropped off for repairs and then I was called once the repairs were complete. The process and the staff were very friendly and informative during the whole repair of the TV.


Unfortunately when I returned home and hooked up the TV, it did not work. I contacted the Service centre and they asked if I could bring back the TV. I was then informed that I would be contacted by Samsung concerning the TV.


This is where all the friendliness and helpfulness went out the window. About 5 days go by and I received an very informal email. Stating that a bunch of things I needed to do in order to facilitate an exchange. I would be out my television for possibly 6 weeks, during a stay at home order.  I felt that once Samsung had to actually pay out money to me, the customer service, friendliness and helpfulness ended. All I received was a very aggressive agent, who basically said **bleep** it up, there nothing else we can do for you very abruptly. I was very shocked to be treated like this. I called back and asked to file a complaint about my mistreatment. I was given an email, since   there was no one to forward my call to. I sent the email 5 days ago and I still have not received a response at all.


I have not included exact information about the product that is involved and names of the parties that treated me horribly, because I still belief that Samsung can make it right if my situation  can get in the hands of someone that can actually help me.


I'm asking please for some help


thank you


Loyal Samsung customer for over 20 years +



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