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Letter for Jeremy_from_Samsung

(Topic created on: 11-26-2019 02:06 AM)
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Hi, i have many questions for you since you are on this forum.


First, i'd like to know WHY Canadians never get the same support than you can find in all others country FROM their MODERATORS. Since you're there, we don't see anymore any help from You or others moderators except for the last few days. This is a nonsense for me.


Second, why don't we receive from Samsung Canada any Beta version like others countries, is this because Moderators don't works for us and don't defend us correctly ? In USA, they receive many many gift FROM Samsung, here, what do we receive ? (espescially if you are a french guy)


ALSO, i am asking for a french Moderator since about 9 months and NEVER you did anything except to discourage all FRENCH USERS to stay in  Samsung Members because nobody make enterntaiment for US since one of you BAN CHMultimedia . and nobody help us anymore, He was the only francophone helping us, NOW nobody care about us now including Samsung's Moderators.


Remember than we represent 30.1 % of all Canadians, this is near of 1 canadian on 3,  so WHY Samsung don't care about us ? Why don't you put nothing in FRENCH in your announcements or your contests on Samsung's Members, ARE YOU RACIST ?


Many people are friendly users and help me with my english, Tallman. gokongming, mytech, vic20, shaggyshunk1 and some others BUT they don't speak my langage and it's hard for me to read the forum because i have to use Google Chrome all the time and the translation are not exact all the time so WHY don't you give us a french moderator to get involve and encourage FRENCH users TO STAY on this forum, do you try to assimilate us or you just don't  care about us ?


But more it goes, more i think Samsung don't care about French Canadian and just want them to quit the forum , is that your goal ? This is what i think since you are here... I am 65 years old, so i don't really care if you kick me out or anything like that to make me close my mouth like one of you did to CHMultimedia BUT i think we deserve to get the same service no matter our langage.


Why do you erase any post than you don't want to answer, this is a bit ridiculous,i was doing this at 5 years old...NOW people want answers, why don't you answered them simply , we are not in a Communist Country here...should be fun if we can argue...


Anyway, not sure you'll give me a answer on this, you'll probably erase it like everything that bother you

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why do they even have release beta update only in certain countries. Samsung should release updates like google or Apple
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I agree Jeremy has been around more 👍
But I would think you would see "them" more often.
I agree %100 with everything you said from more moderator help to getting betas and perks!
The 1 thing that does really bug me though....
I don't want us to be seperated in different forums but there should be a simple freaking button to auto translate, I can't understand how people program these phones, have things like Stranslate but yet there is no simple! simple!! button to auto translate what the fack ?
Your English always works for me @Cassidy
If anything...
My French and Spanish needs some attention, I'll be working on it!
Good post 😉🤪🙃🤙👍
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I totally agree, although I think Samsung corporate makes the decisions on the beta locale. I am disappointed that us Canadians can't help make better software through beta programming.
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I agree with some of your post but not all which is just my opinion really.

1st yes I agree that there should be more moderator activity, but I guess that is why we members are here to help out but when it come to certain specific question then moderator should reply.

2nd We been given a response to why we don't have beta access I am not saying I agree but why go on and on about it?

3rd. I think a French reply to a question asked in French is only fair, but it's not the law and comes down to a company's policy.

4th 30.1% of Canadians are french??? according to recent statistics it 20.1% which isn't a high number given the size of this country and again if you search there is only 1 province that is truly bilingual by law New Brunswick.

5th I think to say that Samsung doesn't care about their French Canadian customers is unfair after all it's Quebec provincial law that doesn't allow Quebec residents to enter country wide competitions and certain give always. I have also seen Chmultimedia commend the moderators assistance in his time of trouble.and that does not come over as a Racist Company as you are inclined to point out early in your post.

No one here is saying it's perfect me especially. Can Samsung improve? yes for sure like all of us can could there be a French moderator? I think so just to help out and give an official response to people who choose to post a question in french. But to insinuate that it may be a racist thing... is just not right.
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I am "francophone" too Cassidy and i think it's unfair to insinuate that Samsung company is racist. I would like more french on a forum like this, but it would be a tough challenge... English people may be would complain because they would not understand stuff posted in french. Tough call though...
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So Samsung creates Stranslate and can't put a simple translate button in the forum, or better yet... You pick your language for the forum and it automatically translates it w t f idiots
omg its almost 2020 🤦‍♂️
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What's going on lol
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#1 agreed
#2 agreed, but it's still stupid 🤦♂️🤷♂️
#3 w t f is Stranslate for? This forum should auto translate, this is actually ridiculousness 🙊🙈🙉
#4 a percentage of people for anything = people, accommodate!
#5 Quebec does have Wierd laws 🤷♂️
Can't we all just get along 🤪😉🙃😊🖐️☺️👍
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Tijoe, tu as écris ceci:les Anglais pourraient se plaindre parce qu'ils ne comprendraient pas les éléments publiés en français. Appel difficile si ...

Donc si j'ai bien compris, nous on a pas le droit d'être respecté parce que les anglais pourraient se plaindre de ce que moi je me plains  en ce moment, c'est ça ? Ayoye...

Sache que quand les Modérateurs te font croire qu'ils "étudient" la situation et que ça dure 9 mois sans qu'il n'y aie de résultats, JE SUIS EN DROIT DE ME QUESTIONNER...
Je suis certain que la majorité des francophones ne comprenant aucunement l'anglais ont depuis longtemps abandonné le forum et je les comprends...j'aurais fait la même si je ne pensais pas que mes droits sont bafoués.

De plus, si j'en suis rendu à penser au mot RACISTE ,c'est qu'à plusieurs reprises que ce soit sur le forum par mail privé, j'ai demandé de l'aide et des explications EN ANGLAIS et jamais aucun des Modérateurs n'a eu la bienséance de me répondre alors qu'ils faisaient des CHEERS à tous les autres membres...POURQUOI, est-ce parce que je suis francophone ? ou quoi car rien d'autres n'expliquent leurs comportements...