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Back in July, we reported WhatsApp was working on allowing users to use the same number on multiple phones. Last month, new information revealed it would become easier to transfer your chat history between Android and iOS devices, hinting the feature is getting closer to a global rollout. A new leak reveals further details on how the new functionality could work.


WhatsApp's beta v2.21.10.6 sheds more light on how users could sync their conversations between two devices. It appears that instead of merely migrating your chats from one device to another, those would be kept in sync.

This means that your chats would be synced from one phone to the other, together with pinned or starred messages. Interestingly, deleting a specific message on one handset won't remove it from the other one, unless you delete it for all recipients.

The feature is still under development and isn't yet accessible, even for beta users. It, however, shows we're getting closer to being able to use our WhatsApp account on multiple phones at the same time, bringing the experience on par with Instagram and Messenger.

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