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PSA: Love of Galaxy entries (Instagram requirement)

(Topic created on: 01-18-2020 10:28 AM)
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LOL. Nice to see the community explode with a lot of activity.

Please note that Instagram is a requirement if you read the complete rules for submission (ie. Step IV on How to Participate). So don't blow your chance for the selection criteria by omitting this.

As stated in Section 5 subsection IV be posted on the Entrant’s Instagram channel during the Contest Period.

It also states: Only Entries that comply with the foregoing requirements will be entered into the selection process...

Let's be honest, most people don't really read these things anyways. 🤪

Maybe @Jeremy_from_Samsung can confirm this one detail.

Regardless, good luck to those entering the contest! 😁
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Wow. This contest is now twice as lame. Officially boycotting it.

Instagram is a Facebook Inc. property with the same world-leading privacy violation policy and unethical practices. Making the usage of their "platform" and relinquishing your rights to them mandatory is unacceptable
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ya I don't and wouldn't sign up to Instagram.. definitely sitting this one out. but for the Note 20 unpacked I'm all in!
honesty i wish they would go back to picking samsung members and not contests .. in contests you get people that 1. don't actually like Samsung that much (possibly) 2. people that don't use Samsung members 3. people that aren't as deserving as some
plus if they picked people i would assume since it's not a "contest " they would be able to include Quebec then maybe?????
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For such random giveaways, yes they include QC. It's a perk and not a contest or sweepstake so I guess it's legally fine.

I too wish they'd go back to just pick true members instead of making a contest that selects the most "instagrammable" submissions from new people who will not stay on the platform (as proven last year with the S10 Unpacked contest)...

I'd prefer to save money to buy one and go on a trip myself than setting up an Instagram account. As it happens, my contract ends this year so I might upgrade on my own. Or not.

Hi @Vic20,


Sorry for the late response! We've updated the terms and conditions so that there is no Instagram requirement for the contest. You can view the updated terms here.