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Samsung has reached another key milestone in its 5G virtualization technology, the company confirmed today. For the first time in the industry, Samsung managed to make its commercial 5G vRAN (virtualized radio access network) compatible with its latest C-Band Massive MIMO radios and expand the limits of vRAN performance from low-band to mid-band.

The company demonstrated the technology using its latest 5G vRAN, the C-Band 64T64R Massive MIMO radio, and its cloud-native 5G Core. By combining 40MHz of 4G frequency and 100MHz of 5G frequency on the C-Band TDD (Time Division Duplex) spectrum for the first time in the industry, Samsung topped a transfer rate of 2.25Gbps overall on a single device.

Samsung to bring its mid-band 5G vRAN solution to the market this year

Samsung’s low-band vRAN solution is already in use in the USA since last year, but the latest demonstration proves that Samsung’s virtualized radio access network technology is capable of supporting Massive MIMO radios.

The company also demonstrated that its 5G vRAN is capable of delivering performance similar to traditional hardware-based equipment, all the while covering low-to-mid-band spectrums and supporting indoor and outdoor radio solutions for private networks and mobile carriers alike.

Samsung revealed that it is now conducting field trials using its 5G vRAN and C-Band Massive MIMO radios and wants the technology to be ready for commercialization before the end of the year.