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Samsung’s Clock app has finally gotten a tad smarter this year

(Topic created on: 05-26-2021 10:39 PM)
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Samsung has placed greater importance on improved reachability and readability with the release of One UI 3.1, and as a result, some of the company’s 1st party apps got redesigned with a fresh coat of paint. Some apps have also received new features as part of their makeover, and one of the more surprising 1st party apps that got updated is the Clock.


Today we’re taking a closer look at this simple app and how it has changed with recent revisions. To save you the suspense, it’s virtually the same app as before, except for a couple of major addition. These additions are not brand-new and have been around for many weeks, but we believe that they deserve a little bit more time in the spotlight.

Clock has incorporated more bedtime features

Some of us have been waiting for the Clock app to be updated with a smart alarm for a long time now, and although the latest versions don’t go to extreme lengths to achieve this, they have introduced a new smart(er) alarm that has a few interesting features.

For the most part, Samsung’s Clock app has remained unchanged with the release of the latest updates, but look closer and you’ll find that the Alarm section now includes a new type of alarm in addition to the standard ones.

The new alarm has all the features you may have grown accustomed to. It lets you set an alarm for specific days of the week, pick an alarm sound, enable or disable vibration, and customize snooze parameters. The usual stuff, but there’s more.

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