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👩Women's History Month!👩

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Hey Samsung Members!



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International Women's Day is coming up!


For those who don't know, International Women's Day (March 😎 is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality.


With that in mind, for this month’s Member Monday, we would like to ask you to share something about a woman (a friend, sister, mother, wife or coworker etc.) who has impacted your life in a positive way.


 If you yourself are a woman, how have you overcome obstacles in women’s equality?


We look forward to hearing your stories!



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To this I would like to bring up my mom and my wife to 2 wonderful boys. My mom was born in 1943 in Moravia Czechoslovakia, this was during the time Germans were invading her country at such a young age. She came to Canada in 1978 met someone and gave birth to me in 1980 in Canada. if it wasn't for her living to this day with haunting memories and the keen to have 2 kids, I dont think I'd be here right now. shes going to be 77 this year and battles with mental illness at times. I'm grateful for her as she has been my stone growing up. now I'm taking care of her.

My wife is also a backbone for me as I'm grateful to have her in my life, a mother to 2 wonderful boys and my listening post :smiling-face: Belive it or not I met my wife through MSN messenger, yes remember those days..... 16 years ago. She worked at a Starbucks and myself at Breadgarden at Park & Tilford in North Vancouuver. We worked right across from each other, what are the odds?? to this day I'm with her, going on 10 years of marriage in August and havent missed a beat. I'm grateful for the woman I have in my life and appreciate all they do.

Thanks for your time.

This is going to be my favourite Member's Monday because I get to talk about my amazing mom! I think it's safe to say mothers (or mother figures) are naturally some of (if not the most) impactful people anyone can have in their life, and for me it's no different.

My mom is the hardest working human I know, and that goes without ANY exceptions. Her persistence and work ethic drives me to give my 100% at everything I do. My mom works around the clock whether it be at her workplace or at home; I'm constantly telling her, "REST MOM!" or "TAKE A BREAK!" but she will not stop until she's done everything. This work ethic definitely rubbed off on me and because of it I'm able to continuously work on my assignments, hobbies and interests without any interruptions. Even with 100% efforts, sometimes you don't get the 100% results that you're looking for, and my mom has always been there to support me through those instances. As an only child, siblings don't *exist* and your parental figures end up being more like pals rather than parental figures - when our family has gatherings or we simply go out for walks, my mom is always there either making sure everyone's where they need to be or making sure everyone has a bite to eat (don't tell her I hog the food 🙃)!

All in all, I'm super grateful for her to be in my life ❤️

Thanks for taking the time to read this!
I could write about a lot. i can not narrow it down. i have spoken/ written i could enter myself even. But i would rather it coming from someone else. So good luck all!
Those r 2 beautiful stories!
I read them all, start to finish!
We all have a story! Thank you 4 sharing with me and all members!
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My sister breaks my heart all the time.😔 Piece of advice for older peeps in the community — don't let your parents make 2 siblings joint Powers of Attorney (Power of Attorney's? lol)

I know this is a stupid place to say this, but this was my exact first thought when reading the OPs question. Take my advise (and lawyer's, and banker's as well), you'll thank me later.

My Mom is 93 and has Vascular Dementia. She has been my best friend since I became an adult. My Mother is and was an amazing and kind lady. She has always had strength when faced with anything. I think that's something I admire the most.

Being a military wife and Mother she was frequently a single parent while my Father toured the world as a 🇨🇦 Peacekeeper between 1954 and 1969. After that he stayed in Canada for the rest of his career. So my Mom played both roles while he was gone, usually for 6 month stretches!

Military wives sacrificed as well. Especially in modern day where women have spouses in harms way. But those are not peaceKeepers, those are soldiers. My Father was never really in harms way (maybe a little in Japan in the early 60s) where the worst thing was the water in France and my Da had to brush his teeth in 7-Up. lol

The world was changing a lot after WWII and both my parents made sacrifices, as I said.
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