Expert Level 5

Six months after going on sale, Sony’s PS5 now fully supports YouTube TV live streaming with a dedicated app from the PlayStation Store.


PS5 shortages and the clamor to get hold of the next-generation consoles have been something of a fun ride for gamers out there, but for those lucky enough to have their hands on the router-looking entertainment system, the addition of YouTube TV live-streaming support is another big bonus.

Sony’s latest and greatest gaming system was recently added to Google’s official device support list (h/t Android Police). This means that if you want to go full cord-cutter with the PS5 at the very heart of your home entertainment system, well, now you can. It was not until January 2020 that the PS4 was supported by YouTube TV — some seven years after the console launched and three years after YouTube TV launched.

If you are in the elite group of YouTube TV subscriber and PS5 owner, you can now enjoy all of your favorite shows and channels without having to cast an envious glance at Xbox owners. Microsoft’s latest consoles have been able to use YouTube TV since launch day. Part of this is owed to the OS and compatibility of existing Xbox One apps, which is one of the reasons the Series S and X have had one core advantage of the PS5.

With Roku in a public spat with Google over the YouTube TV app, support on new devices — such as the PS5 — is arriving at just the right time. Now if someone can help me get an RRP PS5 in the UK, I’ll be very content…