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Linked contacts

(Tema creado el: 07-21-2022 07:55 AM)
Beginner Level 2
My phone keeps linking together similar contacts (i have a lot, several thousands). How can i unlink them all and stop phone fron linking them in future?
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Community Manager
Hello, Irina2021!
It is possible that the contacts were synced to the device with some account and are showing duplicates.
We suggest you perform the following steps:
1. Turn off automatic account synchronization.
2. Then check if there is a copy of your contacts in the email accounts of the device.
3. If there are any copies, log in to the account and delete the contacts you want.
4. Finally, activate the synchronization again and verify that it works.
If you have any questions or difficulties about the steps mentioned, please call 800-Samsung (726-7864) from Monday to Sunday, so that an executive can support you by remotely accessing your device.